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I'm Modjeska (Muh-JES-kuh) Hutchings, and I'm a character and prop designer, illustrator, and real-life cartoon currently living and drawing in Atlanta! I most recently worked as a Lead Character Designer on FXX's Archer at Floyd County Productions, and have additionally worked as a Character Designer and Layout Artist for clients such as Marvel, The Jim Henson Company, CBS, Late Night Cartoons, and more! Being a part of a healthy, equitable community and guiding artists

to where their strengths can be nurtured and utilized to their fullest has become

an important aspect of my artistic growth and is a great joy for me.

I graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a BFA in Visual Communications with an Illustration emphasis in 2015, and I left my desert home to work in green and humid Georgia where I've been ever since!  I enjoy practicing a lot of variety and versatility in illustration, design, animation, comics, painting, and sculpture, and like to spend my free time learning new skills and experimenting.  Among many other things, I'm heavily inspired by retro aesthetics, fashion,

medical history and illustration, and contemporary comics and animation of all age groups and genres.

My most favorite role is one where I can take someone's vision and match the style and spirit they're looking for when they need help getting it on paper— creating a visual language for a project that is both appealing to its intended audience and efficient to reproduce for animators, sculpters, storyboarders, and the various other artists on a production presents a unique challenge with endless solutions! Additionally, I also very much enjoy learning the finer details of an already-established style to create new characters and props that fit well within and alongside the existing world and characters





I'd love to be a part of your next cool project!

Please contact me about any work inquiries or collaborations at:


For more art, sketches, and general updates, please visit:




You can purchase prints and stickers from me at:





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